Truth Rd.

I am stumped. Full fledged writers block. I don’t think I have ever really experienced this. Maybe because I never considered myself a real writer. Or maybe because stumped was a non-issue. No ideas, I just didn’t write. No one to give me the nudge, nothing to motivate me. I wasn’t a writer after all, so why should I push myself?  I just flat out didn’t do it.

Now here I am, committed to a challenge. A challenge I would like to strangle at the moment, if I am honest. Like seriously, why would I have ever thought this was a good call for me right now. I can barely fit time into the day for a load of wash and then I went and plopped this “Oh look at me I am going to write and publish (?!?!?!) something for 31 days…aren’t I so cool” Challenge right on top of the 37 baskets of laundry that need to be washed or sorted or, my personal hell, put away.

Thank God for sisters. Mine refused to let me quit this bad boy even though…..I really wanted to.  Here’s the deal, they know that on some other level, one deeper and wider than piles of laundry, that this is what I need. It is bringing me somewhere. Where? not clear as of yet. But somewhere out there. Somewhere that I need to go.

So, I am committing to this thing. Again. I will pull something out of my heart and my head or, possibly, out of my ass.  I will put something down on a page. I can’t promise it will be fabulous. I can’t promise it will make sense or even be decent.

I can promise that it will be true.

So, reminding myself (with the help of two bad-ass sisters) that….

I am doing this because it is true for me. Truth is the road I want to walk on. It is where my freedom walks, ever so patiently, along side me.

And because I crave the company of truth tellers, if you happen to need the reminder (or loving kick in the butt), allow me to pay it forward……….

Don’t quit. Keep walking this road of your truth. If you have taken a detour, come on back. Starting walking again and do it with a shit ton of grace for yourself. Listen, we are all human and detours are a necessary part of this journey. Sometimes they are fun, until they are not anymore. Or maybe you have been here trudging along. Is it time to switch it up? Take your time or run, your gut will guide you. Let’s just stick together, huh? Your truth, along side of my truth, in the midst of some shared truths with freedom leading the way.


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