Not Today

My intention was to take my rare free hours today and write like a mo fo.

Turns out today wasn’t about writing.

Today was about getting my butt out of bed to work out. This is new but old but new again behavior for me. Each time feels like a small victory.

Today was about cheering on my middle one at her last outdoor soccer game of the season. It was particularly cold and windy this morning but watching her out there is the best. And those bright fall trees, incredible.

Today was about being with a friend who needed to talk over a quick coffee that turned into a four hour let’s skip over pleasantries and get down to the nitty gritty. My favorite kind.

Today was about cleaning out a closet. Why does this feel so damn good?!

Today was about putting up some Halloween decorations to surprise the girls when they get home. Simple but I know they will be psyched.

Tonight is about finding a good movie, most likely with some English accents so I can dream about my future summers spent in England.

And wine. Tonight will be about a glass or two of good wine.

I’ll be back.




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